Why Sell with the Lafleur-Davey Team, Real Estate Brokers?

It is sometimes difficult to make a choice about a real-estate partner. Questions crop up, such as: « By availing myself of the services of a real-estate broker, will I reach my goal of selling fast and at a price that suits me? » Allow us to demonstrate that with our help, such an endeavour is absolutely possible.

With our expertise, we are able to make you avoid all the pitfalls that you could face. Here are several good reasons to call on us for obtaining the best result possible—in a climate of mutual respect and trust. 

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Our Worthwhile Services for Sellers

  • Appraisal of the market value of your property, prepared free of charge in order to determine the best possible selling price
  • Home Staging service to enhance your home's potential
  • Superior quality indoor and outdoor photographs
  • For selling fast and at the best possible price
  • Support when undertaking financing steps with our mortgage agents from different financial institutions that offer interesting products to Lafleur-Davey clients.
  • Get other realtors interested so they will convince their buyers to visit your property, which will maximize your sales potential
  • Maximum advertising and exposure in order to reach all potential buyers: Listing of your property on more than 15 real-estate websites, including, EquipeLafleurDavey.com, centris.ca, micasa.ca and more. Your ad will also appear in local newspapers and the real-estate magazine Mon-toit.net
  • Handling of all tricky legal documents so you can enjoy a worry-free transaction
  • Organization and coordination of open houses for your property
  • Prompt and constructive reports following each visit, plus regular follow-ups on activities pertaining to your property
  • Recommendations from specialists connected to real estate such as notaries, appraisers, etc.—for both you and your buyer
  • Negotiation skills in your best interest
  • Three outstanding realtors assisted by a administrative assistant , a marketing specialist and a professional photographer, all working as a team to sell your property at the best possible price and in theshortest possible time. Their availability will impress you!
  • Present when meeting with the notary

The demystified benefits of working with the brokers of Lafleur-Davey’s Team

Too often, people do not want to deal with real estate brokers for the following simple reason: to keep more money in their pockets. Here is how we see things ; If you are not a mechanic, would you repair your car yourself so that you have more money in your pocket? If your car is badly repaired, do you agree with us that, ultimately, it will be more problems, loss of valuable time and less money in your pockets in the end? This is the reality with a property’s sale. 

If the sale of your property is poorly primed, whether at the level of legal documentation, negotiation or other complex aspect, you could end up with serious problems, just as in the previous example. In the event that a buyer is willing to buy your house and there is a problem with the title or with the certificate of location, you may find yourself without the notary to sign the deed of sale because the problem has not been resolved earlier. The buyer would then not be required to purchase your property and projects could fall into the water...

As real estate professionals, we can avoid this kind of problems, protect your as much as possible and tell you with confidence that ultimately, a real estate transaction may be more advantageous in using this expertise without that it remains less you need in your pocket. For you to see!

How to choose your real estate broker

Choosing a real estate broker is an important and crucial decision. It will determine the proper course of the sale’s transaction. With the right team, you will get a satisfactory transaction, hassle free and that meets your expectations!

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