Home Staging services, enhance your property to sell faster

Home Staging is firstly to enhance the look of properties by specific planning and rooms decorations. In a stagnant real estate market, it increases the speed of the sale. In a moderate or fast market, it can increase the price of the sales dramatically. The primary goal of Home Staging is to showcase your home with what you already have at home.

It can sometimes be surprising to discover what we have in our house and that can make our property look amazing, for almost no cost. Your home is probably the biggest investment of your life. The sale therefore deserves to make every possible attention.

How we live and how we sell are two completely different things from one another. We can help you put your property at its best.

By choosing us as realtors, we are able to offer you a detailed, written analysis with our expertise in Home Staging. We will establish all the improvements to make to your property so that you can easily understand the recommendations and modifications.

View some of our past projects that will inspire you to get maximum results.

Optimisation d'une cuisine

Changer la couleur des armoires et transformer l'ilot central peut faire toute la différence dans une cuisine. Le résultat ici : une pièce lumineuse et plus fonctionnelle, aux goûts du jour!

Furniture sizes

Having proportional furniture will give a better idea of ​​the size of the room. We added curtains and cushions and now the room comes to life!

Too many decorations

Clearing the rooms and walls and relocating key furniture can make a huge difference!

Room purpose

Locate the children's room in the proper place produces exciting results!


Update the room colors and the work is done!


We neutralize the room colors and remove the non-essential to please the greatest number of potential buyers.

Room purpose

Give a new purpose to a room can make a remarkable change!


Simply by changing the color of the room for a more neutral color,  we can repoduce a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to reach potential buyers.


A new color, this time more neutral as well as a less imposing suspended luminaire and we have the chance to appeal to a large number of buyer!

More lightness

We use lightweight fabrics, we light up the color and we get a room worthy of a great hotel!

Floor coverings

Refresh floor coverings by removing the carpet and replacing it with beautiful hardwood floors gives much value to the room.